About Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian Country that consist of two non contiguous region; Peninsular Malaysia also called West Malaysia and East Malaysia which called the island of Borneo. Two of the contiguous make total of 13 State in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a multi ethnic and multi cultural country that consist Malay, Chinese, Indian as the large population and other is Indigenous people.

About Sabah

Sabah is one of the 13 state’s in Malaysia. Sabah is the 2nd largest state and located at the northern island of Borneo.

Sabah consist of 32 different ethnic live together. Among the various ethnic groups are the kadazan, dusun, murut, bajau, bugis, rungus, suluk, Lotud, illanau, Brunei, orang sungai,  bisaya, kedayan, tidong and many other important ethnic groups. 

Our language

Malaysia official language is “Malay” but Malaysia is one of the English friendly country since English is commonly used widely around Malaysia school and work place.


Malaysia currency is in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). Malaysian ringgit is available in denominations of RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50, and RM100 notes.

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