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Have you ever dreaming of visiting a place that can drag you away from the city life? Somewhere in the middle of the ocean with only sounds of nature accompany you? Well, you do not have to go that far looking for the best place.

Welcome to Semporna, Sabah. Malaysia !

Semporna is located at South-Eastern of Sabah, Malaysia and it is well-known as a Maldives version of the floating resorts and Lato-Lato Resort is one of the famous.

Lato-Lato Resort is situated in the middle of the coast sea of Semporna and it is surrounded by the famous panoramic islands of Semporna we called Tun Sakaran Marine Park. To reach Lato-Lato Resort, you only need 20 minutes of boat ride from Semporna Public Jetty.

When you arrive at Lato-Lato Resort, believe us you will be mesmerize by the panoramic views. The crystal clear blue sea water is just under beneath your feet. Starfish and corals can be seen everywhere. So for your snorkeling activity, you would not be disappointed cause the sea will surprise you more!

Lato-Lato Resort let you experience the ‘kampung’ style with the only basic amenities accommodation, simple Malaysian dish and limited use of power supply (1800PM – 0800AM) but rewarded you with the priceless panoramic view and unforgettable snorkeling experience where you can jump straight away from the balcony anytime. Most importantly you can spend your valuable alone time away from the crowds.



Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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